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Page is under construction. If you have questions about our Gender Reveal Packages, call us at 904-914-0668

Gender Reveal Package

Is it a boy or a girl? You’ll know when the helicopter arrives! We can add fun, flare, and a lot of color to your gender reveal party. Just tell us the time and the place – we will fly over and release a huge cloud of pink or blue!

$575 Within This Radius

How To Prepare

Notify Us On Gender

We will need to know the babies gender ahead of time so we may prep the correct color drop for your flight! Have a friend or family member call us with the good news. You can also have the clinic email us directly at

Crew Will Contact You Before Departure

Your helicopter crew will call or text you immediately before departing to your party site in order to ensure you and your guests are ready for the big reveal!

Helicopter Arrives

The helicopter will fly around your gathering to assess the location and give you notice that it has arrived. It will then descend lower and slow down in order to give you the best viewing angle for the color release. Note that the helicopter must fly in a way that does not endanger persons or property and therefore the exact height of the color release will vary depending on the location.

The Big Moment

With the helicopter in position, the crew will release a cloud of color! The powder we use is non-hazardous and biodegradable. The helicopter will then fly away and leave you and your guests to celebrate!

If you’d like more information about Gender Reveal Flights, get in touch today.

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