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Elevate the Holidays: Unwrap the Magic of First City Helicopters' Christmas Gift Experience

This festive season, give the gift of extraordinary memories with First City Helicopters' Christmas Gift Experience. Why settle for the predictable when you can surprise your loved ones with an adventure that transcends traditional gifts? Here's why our scenic tours over historic St. Augustine are the ultimate experience gifts:


1. Christmas Gift with a Thrill: Step away from conventional presents and infuse excitement into your gift-giving tradition. A First City Helicopters' Gift Card isn't just a piece of plastic; it's a passport to thrilling adventures in the sky, making it the perfect Christmas gift for those who crave excitement.


2. Unforgettable Experience Gift: Move beyond material possessions and create lasting memories with experience gifts. Our scenic tours offer a unique way to celebrate the season, allowing recipients to savor the beauty of St. Augustine from the skies – a gift that lingers in the heart long after the decorations are put away.


3. Panoramic Views for the Perfect Gift: Immerse your loved ones in the beauty of St. Augustine with our panoramic helicopter tours. The aerial views of historic landmarks and scenic landscapes make this the perfect gift for those who appreciate experiences that are as visually stunning as they are unforgettable.


4. Tailored Christmas Gift Adventures: First City Helicopters' Gift Cards offer flexibility and choice, allowing recipients to tailor their adventure. From romantic sunset tours to thrilling coastal experiences, our gift cards empower your loved ones to choose the adventure that resonates with their unique preferences – a truly personalized Christmas gift.


5. Experience Gifts Support Local Business: By selecting First City Helicopters, you're not just giving an experience; you're supporting a local business. Our commitment to showcasing St. Augustine's beauty from the air also means contributing to the local community, making your gift a positive force for both the recipient and the region.

This Christmas, break free from the ordinary with First City Helicopters' Christmas Gift Experience. Elevate your holiday gifting with the thrill of a helicopter tour, creating cherished memories that will be remembered long after the holiday season fades away.


As you book your next flight with us, add some awesome souvenirs to your cart!

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