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  • We serve very small groups of people at a time. We have a maximum capacity of 3 passengers per flight.

  • We do have a minimum of 2 passengers required to launch a flight. Typically, we allow single riders to hop on a flight with 2 other passengers if such a flight is available. This does mean that occasionally, we will conduct flights with individuals who do not know each other. Until this health crisis has passed, we will no longer allow this unless we have the express consent of each individual on the flight.

  • The pilot fully sanitizes the inside of the helicopter between each and every flight. This includes the headsets, the seats, and all handles and bars that may be touched during flights.

  • We currently have 1 pilot on staff. If at any time, she begins to feel ill with anything, we will immediately shut down operations. We do not wish to spread COVID-19 or even any other sickness which might compromise anyone's immune systems.

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